Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar T 13.5cm f/4-22

Vendor:Carl Zeiss Jena
Type Name:Triotar
Focal range:135mmCategory:Medium Telephoto
Max. aperture:4Min. aperture:22
Elements:3 in 3 groupsAp. blades:15
MFD:138cmFilter Ø:40.5mm
Preset aperture:NoDimensions (d/l):51mm/142(126)mm
Universal mount:None
Info / Description:
This version has heavy stainless steel body. Triotar is basically the same lens as used pre-war and remounted from a medium Format standard lens. Thus its most characteristic aspect is the long tube mount with the lens placed well forward. It was supposed to be the economical alternative to 135mm Sonnar. Were initially made in a heavy slim barrel with manual aperture and later light alloy pre-set mount. There were versions with aperture stopping down to f/16, later f/22. and a few going to f/45 (The same basic lens head as used in Exakta for macro work, the 45 is for DOF).
f/45 versions were made for use with the Ihagee Exakta Kolpofot, a very strong ring flash for medical use.

The later version is here.

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