Ricoh Auto Rikenon 55mm f/1.4-16 (v3)

Type Name:Auto Rikenon
Focal range:55mmCategory:Normal
Max. aperture:1.4Min. aperture:16
Elements:-Ap. blades:6
MFD:48cmFilter Ø:55mm
Preset aperture:NoDimensions (d/l):66mm/52(44)mm
Universal mount:None
Info / Description:


# Bundy 2013-11-20 16:07
I've tested it against my SMC Takumar 50/1.4. The Rikenon is slightly but noticably sharper in the center than the Takumar (at all apertures). The Takumar is a bit better in the corners though. The mechanical construction of the Rikenon is very good compared to most modern lenses, but the mechanical construction of the Takumar is superior and silky smooth. Nevertheless the Rikenon (or Sears) is a very nice and very sharp lens.

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